To satisfy some of your curiosity, here’s a little bit about Laura and Nathanael.

Nathanael came to San Diego with the Navy in July, 2000, and was immediately impressed with this amazing city.  On April 20, 2005 (yes, that’s 4/20) he rejoined the civilian life, and some major changes took place.  To kick off civilian life, he enrolled at Mueller College of Holistic Studies in their Holistic Health Practitioner program to study massage and all things holistic.  Soon after, he married the most amazing woman, Laura.  We were married on May 22, 2005, and have been falling in love more and more ever since.

Laura came to San Diego on vacation in May 2003, and has been here ever since.  Considering the circumstances of the transition, it’s easy to see why she’d stick around.  Here’s a sample phone conversation between Laura and Melissa, her sister:

Melissa:  Hi Laura, what are you up to?

Laura:  Walking through 2 feet of snow during a storm to class at the University of Pittsburgh.  What are you doing?

Melissa:  Sitting on the beach, soaking up some sun and having a picnic.  You should come out here and join me.

Laura:  Wow.  That sounds really good.  Ok, see you in a bit!

Of course, soon after she arrived, she met the most amazing man, Nathanael, and they were married on the Coronado beach soon after.

You’ll find more about our story in these pages; learning about places we go, things to do in San Diego, and all kinds of fun stuff!  So check it out, make some comments, ask questions, and have fun!


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