Hello world!

21 09 2008

Thanks for visiting!  Check back often for updates, I’ll try to make it at least weekly.

Laura and I need to sit down and figure out a good place to start this thing, which will probably be a little bit about us, and our ideas for this site.  As soon as we get that down, we’ll post it and go from there.  For now, just know that our goal for this blog is to provide you with fun, inexpensive ideas for things to do in San Diego, with most of the focus being on where to eat.  We love going out to new places and trying new things, and our most reliable resources are the Uptown and Downtown coupon magazines.  If you look it up online, look for the Community Magazine for San Diego.  You can get a subscription to it for something like $1 every 2 months, or just pick it up at their office for free.

So there’s your first money-saving, idea-getting tip.  Enjoy, and check back soon for more!